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G-Land News July 1st 2010

G-Land News – July 1st 2010 by Bretto

G-Land didn’t look much at low tide first thing this morning but it lit up like a christmas tree and the whole reef was a fun two to three foot of crystal cylinders. Speedies was showing some form for a while and Money Trees had some nice long rides all the way through.

The crowd here is really good and everyone in G-Land was getting a fair share of waves. Everybody had big smiles on their faces and cheering each other with their Bintangs at the end of the day. The vibe is good and as I’m writing this at 9p.m most of the crowd have already gone to bed.

John and Dave have been taking some great photos, Dave has been sitting on his board with a water housing and John has been taking photos from the tower so they have bothe angles covered. People from the other camps in G-Land have been coming and checking out there photos here and walking away stoked with their shots.

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