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G-Land News July 17th 2010

G-Land News July 17th 2010 by Michael Narchi

G-Land going strong and alive for one week straight now.  Swell came down in size a bit, but still breaking strong in the 8 – 10 foot face range.  Money Trees was lining up real nice and staying hollow…many long makeable tubes today.  Peak high tide of 2.1 meters still set-up  Launching Pad into Speedies, but not many letting you in and then out.

The ocean surface conditions and winds have been surprising for the past week or so.  That early “morning sickness” typical of G-Land has not been happening at all.  Opposite to it, the mornings have been real quality.  Anyone getting out for the dawn session has been rewarded with quality, uncrowded waves.  But sleeping in here is one of the beautiful parts of waiting for the 10 o’clock offshores arrival. And that’s another form of reward!!!

I’m truly thankful for the crew that’s been around for this window of surf.  A lot of really competent surfers and everyone showing a noticeable amount of respect for the other people in the water.  It makes such difference!!!

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