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G-Land News July 16th 2010

G-Land News – July 16th 2010 By Michael Narchi

G-Land has been amazing for the past 6 days.  Swell has been solid since the 11th and still real nice today.  It backed off from yesterday’s size, getting up to 12 foot faces on the solid ones, but mostly breaking at about 8 foot.  Wind was good for most of the day, just swinging around from the S, E, and N for about an hour  around noon.  Other than that…nice offshores. It’s been pretty much the same…Money Trees working all day long and Launching Pad into Speedies when the tide was right.  We even had some sets focus into the Ledge on the low tide this evening and it was nice to see.

Money’s had some real nice waves today.  Lip lines peeling off sectionless and staying plenty hollow.  Speedies was piping, but seemed to be breaking into shallower reef than you’d expect with a big 2.4 meter tide. I’ve been feeling real thankful this past week, more than normal and it seems like there’ll be more swell coming in the near future.

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