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G-Land News July 13th 2010

G-Land News – July 13th 2010 By Michael Narchi

G-Land continued to give us all real nice waves through the entire day.  Early morning conditions were nice…offshore, clean, and lined up.  Strangely surprising how many early mornings have started out clean.  Money Trees was really refined and running down the reef for a few hundred yards, staying hollow and fast.  Surf was about 8-10 foot faces with those random rogue sets getting up to 12 foot.

Launching Pad was real distinct, even setting up some barrels off the peak where the past 2 days didn’t come close to throwing out at all.  Speedies was a different character entirely.  Real fast and most of them wouldn’t let people out….coming in real straight on the reef.  But still some really beautiful and make-able waves spinning down the line.

And like yesterday, once the tide dropped too low for Speedies, Money Trees was the section to be on.  Really though…Money’s was good all day.  Fan Palms was lining up too.  Great day to be out here.

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