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G-Land News July 12th 2010

G-Land News – July 12th 2010 by Michael Narchi

G-LAND WAS ON!!! Swell still coming through with real power and after yesterdays sudden arrival, it had enough time to clean up better and line up from Launching Pad into Speedies.  High tide at 10:00 with plenty of water and much better wind conditions.

Early morning was calm wind and glassy.  Some really beautiful waves coming through.  A North wind came up and blew for about an hour-n’a-half and then the offshore slowly gained its strength from about 11:00 onward, grooming up the surface real nice. The swell had some true power today, more refined compared with yesterday, and thundered down Speedies on the larger waves. BIG TUBES.

As the tide dropped below safe Speedies level, Money Trees was setting up real nice for the rest of the day.  Big walls holding up well and running down the reef for hundreds of yards.  Low tide Money’s had double-ups and some stayed hollow and powerful. Surf was 14-18 foot faces at Launching Pads and Money Trees.  Speedies maxed out at about 12 foot on the face.  8-10 foot Hawaiian scale.

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