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G-Land News July 11th 2010

G-Land News – July 11th 2010 by Michael Narchi

G-Land was big today.  A new swell came in and I could hear it clearly from my room when I woke up at 6:30.  The surf got up to solid 16 foot faces around 12:30 and as the tide dropped enough to keep the ocean out of the lagoon, a strong current was sweeping down the reef.

2.4 meter high tide at 9:00 and most everyone in the jungle seemed to be out at Launching Pad and Speedies.  We never really got the offshore today and with the new swell being quite raw, most of the waves were OK.  Only a couple handful would connect into Speedies.  But there were some heavy barrels running through Speedies….just had to be in the right position to get it.

After 1:00 and not one person was out front.  Heavy, large collapsing sections and shifty peaks at Money Trees was good enough reason.  The Bombora was lighty breaking at high tide and by low tide, some massive waves were heaving over and running almost straight into Money’s.

A lot of people went down to 20/20?s and Tigertracks, coming back with good news of head high waves, real clean and real fun.  I saw Chicken’s and it was on as well.  Basically, plenty of swell to run down the entire reef and into the Bay.

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