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G-Land News July 10th 2010

G-Land News – July 10th 2010 by Michael Narchi

G-Land went a bit schizophrenic today…or maybe I just went schizo from it.  Swell was pretty small and conditions not so good in the early morning. Surf was small, bumpy and the swell lines were broken up.  But by 11:00, really nice sets were breaking through Money Trees, setting up some long, hollow sections.  Waves were about 6-8 foot faces and wind stayed real calm.  Seemed like early signs of this supposed big swell were possibly showing their presence.

Come about 2:00 and the surf backed right off.  Maybe just because of the low tide.  Maybe cause of some other reason.  But a light offshore started up at the same time and it seemed like a surf after the 3 o’clock turn of the tide would be worth it….considering what was happening just a couple of hours ago.

Paddled out into the most inconsistent surf, laden with massive clumps of jellyfish congregating from Fan Palms right up through Kongs.  Hard trade off since the surf was best up there and Money Trees really only had just a few waves.  Jellyfish or really long waits???

But to keep things positive, I did see two handfuls of really nice waves come through Kongs and Fan Palms.  Even a few high-line barrels that let the guys back out onto the face.

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