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G-Land News August 9th 2010

G-Land News August 9th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land was pretty hairy all day today. There was still quite a bit of swell coming through from a 13 second swell then there were solid 6ft+ sets coming in from the newer 16 second swell… so there was pretty relentless activity most of the time. Seen a few solid 8fters on the high tide, and mostly 4-6ft throughout the rest of the day. An offshore trade was already blowing by 6:30am.

There was the odd smoker, but in general it was a bit wild, and weird, but then again I’m a bit fussy. I did see people get some great barrels on the right wave. Oh.. and the waves were mostly Money Trees, and coming right down the Fang also, with the odd one at the Pad with a brief bit of Speedies. Something told me not to go out today, but I did anyway about 1pm, and BOOM first wave I try backdoor a thick Ledge section, fail, and my epoxy 6’4 snapped.

Luckily my GoPro and my body are in good condition. Unlike yesterday when the H Man got slammed on the reef on the back of his lower left shoulder and was left shell shocked on the low tide reef. Thought we were going to have to chopper him out, but after a doctor in camp checked him out and stitched the small open wounds, it was apparent there was no breaks thankfully. So Harry is just going to relax here for the next 5 days of his stay.

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