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G-Land News August 8th 2010

G-Land News August 8th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land had some fun waves through the day. 3ft most of the morning, glassy up till about 9am then offshore for the day. So the head high action kept people entertained, and they were peeling quite well too. My mate from Taranaki, Sharky, arrived today, so I took him out Kongs at lunch time. The swell seemed to pick up as we paddled out and there was some solid 4ft sets, sometimes even 5ft on Kongs & Fan Palms.

Ledge had the odd good one, but overall the swell never truly kicked up quite enough to light up the mid-reef area through that low tide. Last night we had a pool tournament and for the first time ever it was 2 guests who were in the final! Normally at least one staff is in the final, but maybe because the tables have been refurbished its a more even playing field. Dave from Coolangatta ended up winning over his roommate Jay, also from the same town. Dave ended up giving all his winnings back to the staff who played anyway!

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