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G-Land News August 5th 2010

G-Land News August 5th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

My first sight of the G-Land Surf this morning was solid 6-8ft sets coming through with a stiff offshore, at 7am! I seen what looked like a 12ft wave on the Bombie break top to bottom and the tide was above mid. So the swell all day was there, not quite big enough to make a full time current on the neep tide, but big enough to provide some exciting barrels, big drops, and of course dish out some donuts. Plenty of double overhead waves to be had.

The crowd at G-Land was even less today? Maybe half a dozen punters early morning, then a handful right up till 1pm. I paddled out then and the crowd was less than 10 right up till when I went in at 2:30, then the crowd peaked for a couple hours at maybe 20-30 people max. Right on 5pm the waves really started cranking for that last half an hour, I got possibly the best biggest deepest hollowest tube I’ve had this year… easily…

G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp did a huge treat for one of our guests in Superior, Steve Klein, it was his 55th birthday, and he’s here for a couple weeks with his son Gavin. Its Gavin’s first trip and the past 2 days Gavin has been getting slotted hard in some solid shacks, on his 5’3. Yes… 5’3. Anyway, Dad Steve got his best wave of the trip so far today, a solid double overhead + late drop, followed by the big beautiful Money Trees wall. He was pumped. Back to the treat… he had his birthday cake brought out as well as arak & juice after dinner, and then came a bottle of flash champagne with 2 big wine glasses. First to drink was Steve & Puma, no doubt Puma is feeling good after his quick downing of champagne.

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