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G-Land News August 31th 2010

G-Land News August 31th 2010 By Michael Narchi

G-Land Surf Report Today. Early-day conditions were small…head high…but real fun.  Not too many people surfing, maybe because the swell forecast predicting an early-day arrival wasn’t materializing.  And so they waited for its sign.  My midday Inside Launching Pad session was shared with about 6 other people.  Real clean and a few little tubes coming through.

Money Trees had a few racertracks…like yesterday, but the little pack of 15 on it wasn’t enticing. By about 4:00, the new swell started to show it’s presence and so did all the people waiting for it.  Kongs through Money Trees was working.  I was diving off the Ledge and so that’s what I saw the most of and it was nice.  A little overhead and some hollow waves lining up for about 100+ yards.  Not so long of a wave for here, but still very nice.

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