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G-Land News August 30th 2010

G-Land News August 30th 2010 By Michael Narchi

G-Land Surf Report Today. Money Trees was max about head high and clean, but a little too sloped to get the right amount of speed for the waves when they would section.  Still…there were some nice one’s running the reef sectionless, just had to get that one.  Not too many people in the water today and thinking about the water…the temp came back up just a little, making it perfect.

I figure Fan Palms up through Kongs on the right tide today would have been nice but I never really looked up there. By 9:30 tonight, all the guests already in their bungalows and most likely for one reason only.  The blue line on the whiteboard jumps from 3 foot swell at 11 seconds to 9 foot swell at 17.  High hopes and I HOPE their filled.  I just came back from the beach to have a listen and I couldn’t hear anything.  But naturally, there’s still time until tomorrow….

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