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G-Land News August 28th 2010

G-Land News August 28th 2010 By Michael Narchi

G-Land Surf Report Today. Starting off with small but fun 4 to 6 foot faces lining up through Money Trees and even pushing down into Inside Launching Pad.  There were a few tight little barrels down there and up at Money’s, there were real playful transitions to play on!!!  I wasn’t planning on surfing today cause at 1:00, we were going on a little trip.  Felt more like taking out the paddleboard for a short play in the lagoon, but hanging in front solidified the contra.

IT WAS TIME TO GO FOR A QUICK SURF! Caught one wave and then…if you would believe it, saw Kiki in the water.  “Hey Narchi, take my board…kapan kapan aja.”  And so I saw Kiki in the water for the first time and I surfed on one of his shapes for the first time as well.  Tough to have a solid feeling for it considering the waves I caught, but I do believe he’s actually got something workable and worth trying again in more proper surf.

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