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G-Land News August 26th 2010

G-Land News August 26th 2010 By Michael Narchi

G-Land today, the last transport day brought in 45 new guests and took back 9, fully loading up the camp with strong hopes to surf quality Launching Pad/Speedies. Today we took 38 guests back to Bali, many of them which were part of the 45 guests that just came in the trip before. The surf today was mainly focusing on the upper parts of the reef.

Money Trees did have a few well-shaped, 6 foot+  face sets peeling off, but the form most of the time was poor… really fast and plenty of sections and very small most of the time.  Fan Palms up through Kongs were the spots.  Early on the wind was sideshore, coming out of the S a little too much, but once more E got into it by around noon, the faces cleaned up and some real nice walls were setting up.   With a fading swell, sets were ranging from 4 foot to 8 foot faces (on the rare one’s) which is a really fun size for there.

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