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G-Land News August 24th 2010

G-Land News August 24th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land now today, the swell in G-Land did not live up to expectations today, coming in at more like 2/3rds of what it could have been, if that. Really inconsistent sets, never getting over 6ft, with most of the time being 4-5ft. At 6am I seen a thumping 6-8ft set grind all the way down the reef including speedies. But when I got out at 6:30am I sat on the Pad for 3 hours and got 2 sub-standard waves then no more solid sets came. Money Trees was good today however. I just didn’t go up there coz I was in my Speedies armour and had the GoPro all ready. Long walls at Money Trees were winding off on the sets. But by 9am till lunch time it was probably the worst crowd this year! 100 or so people in the peak of it, drop-ins, snakings, you name it it was happening.

After my unsuccessful surf in the morning, I went to Tigertracks at 11am. This to was strangely soft and small, with alot of people on it! haha I am a bit cynical today, must have got up too early. Ended up surfing it with about a dozen others, but it was quite fun, 2ft, could get in a few turns. On the way back I was watching Money Trees and I reckon about 2pm was the peak of the swell, solid 6ft sets bombing through and there was definitely some good ones too be had. By 3:30pm when I checked again the tide looked super low and the size had reduced all ready. Seen a couple of nice tubes ridden.

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