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G-Land News August 1st 2010

G-Land News August 1st 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land revved up a bit for the 1st day of August. Upon waking up it was light sea breeze, but the lines were there albeit a really low tide. Clear blue skies today, so I figured the tradewind would come through early, and sure enough by 9am it was pretty clean with an offshore breeze. I surfed from 11am to 1:30pm, and it was well bigger than the last few days (thankfully).

Sets coming in at a solid 3 to 4ft, and even the rogue 5fter here and there kept the crew pretty happy. The waves were focusing mostly around the Ledge and upper Money Trees most of the day, but still some good ones up the Kongs end, and lower Money’s on the higher tide. Few lil shacks here and there too. The water was warm as, nice in just boardies & T shirt. H Man did his usual paddle down to tigertracks on one of the camp 12ft SUPs. He has taken to surfing one of the beasts, and is now doing full cutbacks, bottom turns, and trims down at the playful right.

I’m at the beach typing this right now and there was a beautiful sunset just before. Wish I had brought my vid cam down to the beach with me too. No doubt there’ll be more chances the next few months! The buzz at the beach during happy hour is certainly alive after getting some overhead swells. The cold beer is flowing, the music playing, the socialising vibrant. After dinner I’m running a pool tournament so that’ll be a bit of fun for the staff & guests to enjoy the fun contest.

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