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G-Land News August 19th 2010

G-Land News August 19th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land looked really good first thing this morning. Solid 5ft sets rolling down the Money Trees reef and glassy clean conditions. In hindsight I should have gone out! Because the tide dropped out until about 2, and then the swell got more inconsistent all day, and had dropped almost in half by dark. Not 1 person out from 12 till 1:30, and that would have been a good time too, I seen some nice sets then. Offshore all day and some good sets here and there today, I had to add. A dozen people on the arvo 1.4m tide surfing Tigertracks, 2ft fun waves. So I went to a peak further up the beach and got some real fun lefts to myself.

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