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G-Land News August 18th 2010

G-Land News August 18th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land wasn’t macking today like I thought it may have been. Perhaps only 2 Bombie sets sighted all morning on the low tide. Light winds, 3-5ft and not that good was how it was until about 11am. Then the offshore kept getting better and better… and the tide came up a bit more… and then from 12pm till 3pm there was plenty of solid 4-5ft sets coming through with a few good barrels to be had! Mellow as crowd at lunch time, for awhile just me and Burkey on the upper Moneys section getting some great sets.

Some punters were having a go right down lower Money Trees coming into inside Launching Pads, but with a 1.6m high at 2pm, I didn’t want a bar of it. Those who fell off generally hit the reef. Tonight is some more Independence Day celebrations with plenty of games for guests and staff alike in the restaurant. Bintang and T-shirts are the prizes. Fishing a matchstick into a bottle, running a spoon in mouth with marble on it, eating crackers, eating boiled eggs, and fishing a match to light a mosquito coil are some of the wacky games on tonight! Last night was a great night at the beach, with sexy beautiful dancing girls from Banyuwangi, their band cranking the traditional music, lots of beer flowing, and dance moves busted.

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