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G-Land News August 17th 2010

G-Land News August 17th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land started off small today, 2-3ft up till about lunch time, then after lunch it started picking up into the 3-4ft range, and then I seen a solid 5-6ft set rattling down the Money Tree reef before dark. So a good sign for tomorrow! The wind was a light offshore breeze, but didn’t come up till near lunch time. Actually I did see a few people get shacked through the afternoon. So it was quite nice out there. Happy Independence Day! Today marks 65 years of Independence in Indonesia, so celebrations are in place.

Back to the celebrations, there was a near 8meter oil covered pole in the ground down at the beach, and around the top of it was a bunch of prizes. No guests joined in this time, perhaps because of the extreme height, or half of them were out surfing for the high tide. Plenty of staff members got covered in grease and at the start it was teams of 3. It was soon apparent that 3 people climbing up on top of each other was not getting anywhere near the top. So the rules changed to 4 people. Still nobody could quite reach.

So 5 people, one of top of the other!! Then prizes began to be won. A pity no guests made a team because there was prizes like 1 week in Superior and such up for grabs. The locals traded all the prizes for a whole lotta Bintang. Later tonight we have a Gandrung dance party, same like on a full moon.

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