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G-Land News August 15th 2010

G-Land News August 15th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land got my hopes up for a Launching Pads/Speedies session today. I got all my equipment ready, and was first out with just enough tide over the reef, and my first wave got 2 tubes across Speed reef after a 6ft Pad take-off. Good sign? Then in the blink of an eye there was a couple dozen guys floating around me and photographers and inconsistent sets.

And when they did come they were mostly not that epic. Burkey the G-Land veteran proved patience is a virtue, and waited just under 2 hours and finally this huge 8-10ft Pad wave came through and he was on to it… getting a sick pit in the double up speedies section. But apart from that wave there wasn’t alot of epic waves going down.

I went up to Money Trees after a few hours of non-activity, and had some fun ones up there in the 5-6ft range. The wind eased again late in the day and the west swell doubled with the south swell played even more wobbly havoc to the conditions. Today had potential but to much water moving around and crossing up most of the waves.

However there were still some bombs to be had! Happy Birthday to Lee Miller, camp guest, who is this moment on the Bourbons, after a great cake was served up to him.

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