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G-Land News August 14th 2010

G-Land News August 14th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land dropped down in size today, sets still breaking on the bombie but not as big or wild. Money Trees was about 4-5 foot through the high tide and there was alot of punters on it. Plenty of current coming down the reef from the sweepy west swell, coupled with a crowd and not many barrels, made it not the best of surfs for G-Land.

But still some well overhead walls with some barrels and an offshore wind. Actually some waves were 6ft (double overhead). I think my mate Sharky was the most stoked today, after doing some yoga he went down to 20/20s for the afternoon and had his best surf yet.

Still head high on the sets, there was plenty of fun to be had down there. Just to be precise, the crowd was there from about 11am to 1pm. Around 2pm I was out with just 4 other people and the waves got even better. All morning there was waves and nobody was out. Late in the day I counted 4 out. So… still empty line-ups if you time it right.

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