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G-Land News August 13th 2010

G-Land News August 13th 2010 By Jarred Hancox

G-Land Bombie was bombing through upon first inspection at 6am. If any day I’ve seen a good day to surf the bombie I reckon it was this morning. Sheet glass, low tide, and 10-12ft+. Of course wanting to go surf that bombie is really testing the limits when you consider how radical things are on the inside at 6-8ft. By around 9am on this, Friday the 13th, the offshore started breezing in, and held up all day.

I paddled out about 10am and the keyhole was really difficult today. Sets with many waves in it seen some people get washed all the way down to lower Moneys. I lucked in to a nice gap after 20 duckdives and just got under a 6ft Fan Palm lip. The swell was quite west today so it was making for a mostly Money Trees session, however with the 2.4m tide at 11am there was actually the odd wide on hitting Launching Pads.

I lucked in to 2 of those waves and got stand up pits on both. Apart from that just big drops at the Tree and at the end a 10ft heinous thing broke in front of me. Snapped me leggie, so that was end of my surf lol. 20/20?s had waves all day, head high on the sets. Plenty of consistency too. I went down and surfed the fickle right hander on dead low, 0.1m. Actually got some good rides.

But wow there is some super sharp reef on the super low tide line down there, with lots of big urchins – mostly focused on where the right is though, and not too bad where the main break left is thankfully. I just chose a dumb place to paddle out.

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