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G-Land News August 11th 2010

G-Land News August 11th 2010  By Jarred Hancox

G-Land looked pretty good on an early inspection. 4-5ft sets rocking through Money Trees and towards Speedies, with a strong Easterly wind. Which in reality was making it a little bumpy. By 9pm the wind kind a dropped and then it went a regular straight offshore for the rest of the day. There was the odd sick set down at Speedies which would rattle off without actually breaking on Launching Pads.

There was a few 6ft waves here and there in the morning making things interesting. I went down to Tigertracks with my mate from home Sharky and a few other guests and we had a super fun 2-3ft uncrowded session. Tonight for dinner there was a delicious Japanese bowl of tasty rice with mouth watering chicken… very very good…

August is looking like being similar to last year where there are great waves and hardly anyone around. Only about 30 in Bobby’s at the moment. Wierd. Good for the uncrowded sessions anyway.

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