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G-Land May 9th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land May 9th 2011 Surf Report Today. Surf was still alive from yesterday’s new arrival and real nice to see that it stuck around. Still some double-overhead waves on the rare sets, but mostly about 8-10 foot faces running through Money Trees.

Seems like the conditions are slowly getting better, coming back towards feeling like dry season again. The winds didn’t fully go offshore, but there were two moments through the day that they were blowing just a bit out of the East.

Other than that, it was sunny, clear skies over the bay, and nice and warm. Fan Palms was looking real good too!!! A few sets really loaded up on the reef and peeled off beautifully, never to be ridden by anyone but the minds of a few of us watching it unravel.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for both the swell and wind to come together and potentially set up some quality G-LAND. I’ll be writing about it soon enough and I hope it’s positive.

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