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G-Land May 9th – 10th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Set of walking through a strip of low coral sectionless Money Tree, with the wind made ??him look pretty bad so promising if / when offshore may be alive. Yesterday, although pleasant, the wind was never really the way people expect it to be. So I thought I had the most positive is not good for the wind. But it seems pretty good swell! Direction and makeable great wave all the way from the reef.

G-land Surf Forecast Plus Double overhead and actually come over the entire length of the G-Land. Great Tide 2.6 to 10 meters and a launch pad for the Speedies are looking to become the focal point of all. Money tree run without interest. But it makes sense because there are some beautiful waves coming through the square Speedies never met the third element necessary for perfection. We had a swell … We have ups and downs … once the wind. Sitting on top of the line, as an observer, it is difficult, but a much better view of the water instead of soil. PIPE A BIG one!

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