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G-Land May 8th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf News swells peeling down the reef is as clear as day began. Transport that day in the morning and no doubt that people should be out of the water at dawn. Some sets of double overhead + has the lips thin and very fast. It appeared, but not as consistent as it causes the face taillable swell more than anything else.

In due course it happens. G-land Surf Forecast A wave of contradiction, but few actually go through the money tree and palm fans. Great day … several pairs of 2.6 meters and 9:10 pm. Set comes in Speedies downreef, but it is really about. Perhaps only a handful of waves with the form that comes through every day. Upreef where the session was better and the best thing that happened. Ledge at low tide and show some form, well, almost non-stop all that comes to 30 minutes, the tide is low enough to be just that. Some gems here today. Fan Palms and wall and Kongs real long lined with.

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