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G-Land May 8th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land May 8th 2011 Surf Report Today. Proper offshores didn’t come today but the S wind was so light, it didn’t take away from easily enjoying the surf. The surf started out at about 8-10 foot faces and slowly built through the day, getting up to about double-overhead. Pretty standard size. And isn’t that a beautiful thing!!! Money Trees lining up all day and I saw some really nice waves at Fan Palms.

Further around the point, in Kongs territory, I figure no more than 3 people ventured up there today. And a boat-load went down to Tigertracks on the morning tidal window and again late afternoon. Everyone seemed real positive about heading down there.

So nice to walk along the pathway to the beach and notice swell peeling off down the reef well before I even reach the 2 bale’s in front. Ducking my head down to clear out the partially blocked view by hanging branches and leaves, I see the wave unravel and get that electric shock awakening my hopes for good winds today. There was SWELL!!! 3 days of not surfing and I pretty quickly forgot that I was here to surf.

And yes…something to relay.
Since about August of last season, we’ve been waiting for the track into the jungle to dry out. Actually, it’s been mud-laden for about 1 ‘n’ 1/2 years…BUT…we finally brought in the new “super-silent” Deutz generator. It’s online and powering this computer right now. Hopefully the other camps will follow. And maybe one day no diesel will be used. Plenty of sunlight and wind over here.

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