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G-Land May 7th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Can not write enough good things about how the state has retained much fun as the level of quality here. Everything must be what you might imagine, it’s fun to browse through the 6 km of the reef … not intense in front … just happy! In the Gulf has been discussed with people who feel really good about taking a trip back to the quality of the waves they receive. So I’ll stop there … and also … anywhere in the 8-12 foot forward with a wind speed and a high level of the label was.

May 5 is the full moon and trembling leaves of the tree Gandrung Party. G-land Surf Forecast They carry piles of speakers about 6 feet high and 10 meters wide, its position is not more than 15 yards behind us. My ears are still ringing … Great spirits dancing around the other night. Even the girls seem to really have fun, which is usually their whole business is about one hour for him.

They packed their bags and went off the track with the misfortune to be thrown into the rain clouds important. Cells that come very close to being head up, lightning and thunder are separated by approximately how long it takes to read any more than that. Our heaviest rain and a few rumbles louder than I’ve heard since 2010. I shook the hut of a thunderclap. Sweet scent of the forest go and everything is clean and clear morning. Great way to start a new day!

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