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G-Land May 4th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land surf And the story continues with the same melody of the last three days. But since today is the beginning of a new wave of … yes … his tone has changed slightly. But there is such a beautiful day here to surf. A new group and 90% of them come out for their first time. And it is one of the best days I can think of for them to see. Significant wave in the first place, but it is easy to know that the waves are makeable, and many holes to get a piece of the money tree.

Arrange for a double overhead sets in. There are a few rouge these days … actually in Bombora not whitewatering, but became known for what they are and where they go. Offshore, in the mid-tide, and all well-formed swell hit net Kongs through Money Tree is smaller. I see so many people get the barrel looks great he is really high just to watch. This upreef of view, the kind where you see the games that come out of the way and knew that did not come to you for all that has to do is watch the other get it …. see real spoken today! Anticipating the fall and then deal with them quickly find out if they need to hit the gas or enjoy the first round went pretty cool to watch. Sliding parts that come up when they read the waves, G-land Surf Forecast properly to drop some classic barrel Money Tree for 13-14 seconds. Ledge is alive, but only for those who can harness the elusive peak. Can not forget the fan palms and Kongs …. all those who sail with upreef smile stretched from the skin so it’s just clean them big waves.

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