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G-Land May 4th 2011

G-Land May 4th 2011 Surf Report Today. Massive exodus from the camp this morning, something around 30 guests heading back to Bali. And 6 so you come to feel very soft and quiet now.

This trend exists for smaller surf. Perhaps only the top of the best stocks and switchy nice breeze today. Just some expanded offshore direction and blow each other by the rest of the day. But fortunately it was not strong enough to wreck blown surface conditions improve. And a glass-off into the sunset ended the day with the guys up Kongs.

The water is the cleanest it’s because I came in like nothing is Mesmerizing, but when the surf is going to be a little scenario for the next day, then a draft may be the thing tomorrow. There’s a decent show in the chase for bigger fish now, after being chased out of our land, and then again down to them. I was thinking about that now … It is about a week or so, because there is no raw fish on the plate …. so yeah … tomorrow could be a good day ….

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