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G-Land May 3rd 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf It was well over the last three days, offshore wind power in most cases, temporary hot air and water, and lots of fun waves occur along the entire reef. Even with my ankle is not strong enough to stand-up surfing, the condition does not allow him to get stuck in the ground throughout the day. 9’2 Tour belly up to the waves is strong to keep me in the head and a smile on my face. Wave of strikes and the opinions of my corals have been fun too.

Looks like today is a living room for most people when it was light, but with 11 or more, G-land Surf Forecast set to start pumping Ledge and get up to 10 feet. As the crisp, clean conditions at sea today with a very fast, hollow waves. It seems fun to be there, standing surf.

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