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G-Land May 3rd 2011

G-Land May 3rd 2011 surf Report. Surf missed six straight days, it is very hard disks Surf wrote last report. And so it looks like a different trend can be resolved in the direction of the trend object. Forecasts, but the experience is going to look (which is not much) and looking for a place in the projections do not choose to swell up the subtleties of a magnifying glass Sunda serious proportions. And so on … The next few days is quite interesting for me to watch what happens.

Surf was 6-8 foot faces, sometimes more, but usually not. Kongs and the Money Tree surfable throughout the day, but the mid-tide seemed to be the best. The wind was not as good, though. Land, the South and the East never. But for a good long time until about 2 in the middle and it went in the cup. And then again at sunset.

If the spell is like a nice saws people in half, or top-hat pull a rabbit in the ass, but the kind that is really surprising that we are not alone in that respect, it’s jaw dropped, smug smile pulled across the width of the eyes, Pumping the stomach and the throbbing of the air there … then I will give him the alcohol.

It is full of magic! Just depends on whether it was a “magical properties” that other people enjoy around. Some people drink to drink and go to another place, which is an all-time classic.

Where am I going?

Reading this, you’ve probably already here. And you’ve probably been here at least for a night, if someone (maybe you did), or more than one undecidely cut themselves out of the skin and let it all hang out freely. He is on the table right now! And yes, she gives him all hang freely. He is naked … Only around guys, when I do not care. Or something else, but I think that I will not bother you. And so on …. He played Air Guitar, but a broom like an arrow trap. Is already a bit lately, so it is possible that the broom across the crustier. But I do not care! G-ground can be an interesting night …

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