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G-Land May 31th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land … The last days of May and we had a great ride over the guests. Outgoing and incoming 00:33 as we prepare for many, it is always difficult, especially when it rains. 3 consecutive days and the weather was interesting to me. The day before the rain came back, I was talking with someone about how finally settled autumn. The jungle was dry … So, my pillow and sheets … The offshore began in real estate, and the leaves began to fall in deciduous trees. But Bang! The rain has returned. I’m sure it’s just another quick change and go back to what was good.

Surfing was perhaps at the top, but is usually around chest high or more and very clean. Offshore never really started in the now … Yup … I first thought. Wave riding no me today, but the boys are responsible seemed satisfied. Everyone has their own thoughts on the prospect as possible in the third. It seems that it would be nice. The best track is read by 9.25 feet to swell from 202 degrees for 15 seconds. Last season in July …. 12.5 feet swell from 14 to 15 July of 200 degrees for 16 seconds. Just for comparison. I am still full of hope!

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