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G-Land May 25th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land Surprises… Morale was low among the guests with the swell on the way down, and nothing of importance for the prognosis. People were pulling into the water and time, as I did, but dies at weaning and I had a very nice afternoon with the 10 or so others who decided to be outside with us. The biggest would have only 3 meters, but it was very soft and translucent, and there were too many vessels.

For me in the reef to the beginning of the paddle to catch and got a pretty fast one with a backdoor draft to finish it .. I was happy to go for it. It showed that although they are smaller than yesterday, it was still beautiful, and everyone got a better waves.

Bobby is in stock and it’s great to see him. He has so many good stories after his 30 years plus to get here, this jungle camp, where and by what it is today.

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