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G-Land May 24th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land was a little smaller today. The prognosis does not look so good, so I went surfing for a long time til 3:30 and 9, the most of the swell. In that time I have all the money tree and some great surfing attractions, but not like yesterday, and many are closed on the higher tide. The sets were seven feet and faces, there was the odd wave that was really long, fast and hollow.

Grom Jackson called from Merewether Baker was on his last day and got some good little waves. During his trip he did not do anything big, but it was still a large number of training him on his back and got a pair of tube riding skills. It’s great that his energy and see how far he roams about the place.

I hope the waves are not as small as the prediction of reading because I’m really hungry for some massive waves. See what tomorrow brings.

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