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G-Land May 23rd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-LAND … 23rd May! I am sure that I will eventually, with the date and the events of that day link, but I know there are two waves, which I did not forget the experience. In contrast to 15 July of last season. It’s kind of difficult session for the mind the experience exactly when it happens to separate.

Swell up today and so was the wind. Offshore wind blows and strong that there is only one answer should be such that the primary wave. So nice hollow waves coming through. Began surfing double overhead on sets and fortunately for the number of people in the water not too far apart now. It was the first day I saw the crowds in the water. But all seemed to go well. Watching from the beach … yes … different story. Far too many drops of one too many surfers on a wave … repeated. But it seems a bit more generous when I finally decided to surf. I saw a few, but they seem to understand … unless one of the open place by the end of him in the back straight on the lip of the drive.

Sun Ledge / money actually get places, the consistent orientation, but some real nice one by Money Tree well. A few sets of push on the inner path at high tide, but it takes some real patience. I figure for each sentence down there, you have to look at the set 3-4 to reach the reef. That’s some serious desire to avoid the gravity corals. But real life is a void there.

Day of surfing beaches Plengkung!

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