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G-Land May 21st – 23rd 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Super strong wind blowing from abroad sunrise. You know those mornings when you look waiting for the wind to start normally, it’s … not wait long, because the 10 or so still very early … but when he arrived that morning, this feeling is just different. This height is in you when you first get to the front. Even set to come through before the eyes feel good on the next day.

G-land Surf Forecast 10 feet and face all have a chance to rest today. Since I am out of the water … I watch a lot … and one thing that nobody seems to really grasp the launch pad, is that the spin-off of part of the tube looks really nice. Ultra clean and peel well. The money tree will be strong too. The Ledge Fan Palms surfers … Kongs Internet as I wrote everything has a chance to rest, because the range of variations in tidal height of 2.5 to a nadir of 0.2 meters.

So a little Gandrung in order. Great as always! There are some here who seem to do things, some of them are polishing their style to give it a go again and again. Some of these people start with 5 or 6 times …. it is rare! In most cases, people run with their tails tucked firmly. But not tonight and I’m happy to see them get into the spirit. But there is another aspect of the story … The new rules in force and any personnel not to enter into the mix. What is the Gandrung spotless and Froddo leads the pack. Wiji loose and sing into the microphone. Axl Reno took over and moans turned into a roar. Bekan go solo on the ground and put his cheek to hurt us all her dancing Jaranan strange. But nothing happened.

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