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G-land May 20th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land barrel Kong’s day today. Not too much to write about my experience, because my timing was not synchronized with the momentary impulses that came through. The early morning around 6 was clean, drive, and already a little blow offshore. About head high and just looking for fun. As I paddled, offshores were lifted so strong and the waves so back off that surf to finish, a nice bathroom, instead of one. I was lucky I brought my glasses. A small pulse at about 1:00 and that was it.

Brett headed to Pulau Merah (Red Island) with Kimbo and her crew of 10 plus puma and Norris. Everyone seemed stoked when she returned. Perhaps it was shoulder high waves, but it was a new experience for everyone except the captain alone.

We have our signs in Bali. 10 Signs of Hawaiian shaper Don Johnson, who lives in Bali, long enough already built. 4 models from 6’4 “to 6’10” … Money trees, launch pad, and Cobra weaning studies as easy for some reason you do not have a board or snap your board here, there are a number of options in the camp.

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