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G-Land May 1th – 2th 2011

G-Land May 1th – 2th 2011 surf report today – A little bit of rain and a south wind is taking place here in the last two days.Agreement was also good, but a small difference in wind waves will make a big difference in quality.

May 1, was falling in great waves of April 27, the end length is greater than the computer display was present. The money was real nice and clean 3 until sunset, and aligning himself with a clear and they are. dizudan written as S wind roses a day early, could destroy not only the waves from the sun turned into what was left over. Were still set to rise twice is good. So, what is … 27, 28, 29, 30, and the first … 5 at least twice a day. BEAUTIFUL!

Tigertracks I wanted to drive, and how the summit can be fun to have a great souvenir.Once the tide and wave energy increased by a small pebble into the center of mushroom … fun city … BANG was happening. Especially around the chest, shoulder high, but some set to end in a head-high.

May 2, and the sun rise on the waves of the forest to get to the Bridge. Defines the path of continuous double-header, sometimes a little bit more. Speedies sign a lot of hope. The waves were running, but not the quality of many ways to the creation.pebble from the top of the sea cock to prepare and, in addition, we need a mixture of driving waves. It was was.

Trees to raise money to swell throughout the day was better than anywhere else.Ledge came alive a little bit, and when the tide went down in your comfortable level.quite a few barrels of the good and the crowd assembled in the illusion that I saw.

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