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G-Land May 18th – 20th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Today Month May is almost full with the wave season thus far. This seems like a good month to be here, mainly because they look real good estimate until the end of the month. Push a little tomorrow, swelled again on December 22, another swell on the 25th, and another at 28. Most of them are very much in the forecast, but the point is that it looks pretty cool! and captivating.

Thus, the cycle goes on. Strong winds and waves as well, twice over our heads and marched along the coral reef through a money tree is the easiest and best to put it. In addition to some barrels looking really good pipes out as well. I went surfing for a walk around the point and on the way home, G-land Surf Forecast around 4:00, I have seen several waves look very pretty Kongs line all the way up to the Fan Palms. From my angle, there are about 7 stone wave running at the same time and I really want to be one of them.

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