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G-Land May 16th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land..,I woke up very fast in about five hours because of the sound of rain hitting the roof tiles of my cabin as a battalion of monkeys are killing each other. Back to about 6, since the day traffic is a great team and came in well dumping Even when I put on my coat.

A couple of sleepless here … Indonesia has a lot of them, if you do not know – for example – a half-the-night car trip somewhere here, where vendors Teranga Bulan, night markets and street can be seen walking all the time, if you for anything larger than a village slip … So my point is that it was supposed to rain around 3. The jungle again saturated.

Kimbo and his group … about 21 of them … It to the field today. Brett and the team also came up with. He’s here until the end of June, he will be writing reports. Tomorrow we are tied with the opening ceremony of PPPK (aka Kimbo clinic) by a demonstration of some techniques to save lives. I’m sure I’ll learn something useful … I hope we never used … but the useful information and techniques.

So we are now 50 people. Sure most of us have had at camp this season. But the other fields are still quiet, so that the amount by which the water is not really considered much at all.

New swell filled today and get up a few sentences to double overhead … especially up to Kong. Swell was coming from 220 degrees, which is not much money in Trees break. The Ledge came alive for a brief appearance and some … not many … only a few real nice wave peak and hoses down the line.

It could have been really high quality, but never had the offshore today. Perhaps only a few short trains, but especially outta W and S. Fortunately, it was never very strong, so that the lump was small. And then there were times when the wind was still. Real fun and real clean. Nice looking and feeling water

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