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G-Land May 15th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-LAND … Place today to break up the little side to head up. But it was a good looking impulses, which shows at 3:00 and Ledge / agent, it has been started pick most of it. Pair 3-4 wave sets seamlessly from one to the reef, up to 8 meters and faces the tip of the back-sucked offshore. The boys in the water to signal the emotional excitement.

Decent winds of the day and for the most part less pushed beef claim in the country at 4:30, there was only one short of moves onshore pair. I did not surfing today, but saw the majority of balls. WOW … One exit pairs long. When the head high, I believe, a 200-250 meter ride a wave of about 25-30 seconds. And I saw a little speed on the young pair traces Upper Fund. Them pretty stoked because I spurt, who I was very to have in place.

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