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G-Land May 14th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land yes, I have come all at once in a long time only as a reminder of what “Little Rock feels like this. And so it happened today. However, I have seen is much less certain, perhaps half as large.

Head high or so, and quite weak. The winds were shifty today, but the offshores got the chance to blow a few times. And then the shore. Basically it was a day to do other things than surfing.

Fabio has his own mission as far as possible hiding. He has one of the organization cukung from the boat channel and south to the point, almost every day, and comes back with a nice big mackerel. He organized another trip today and four of us followed his example.

The diving was really nice and from seeing all the fish, and a young MantaRay two spotted eagle rays, all in very clear water … I was not disappointed that the effort does not send me a fish back to shore. Peter hooked a nice blue-fin trevally and queen something like a fish on his pole. He was lucky to draw.

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