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G-Land May 12th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land this was the day we broke the tendency to being bullied by the last good wind days. All offshore day today I thought the G-Land nou.Undele only get better if they looked smooth and clean … shifted to the sea and was broken early. Is blank.

The swell was down yesterday, but the beginning of the day was breaking in to 10 meters range. Kong was certainly higher. But Ledge / money … if the patient can be said … was really nice to break all day. As I wrote the last sentence of the first paragraph … I saw a lot of tube ride today. More than in recent days.

Crew of surfers in the water really well. Numbers were low enough for everyone to keep the tag you would hope that only when packaged. 30 here … 5 or 6 below … what to play … not many people in the water at all.

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