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G-Land May 11th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land … On Once Again! New wave, and even more slowly through the last night charged energy. The dawn of time, until last night’s double-overhead 3x over our heads. However, conditions were not smooth and easy. Blossom and pushing lumps and bumps in the morning is a challenge.

Every day has been a blessing to us slowly closer to the high quality end of the ride waves all the elements necessary to create the reef. But not only is the wind, we must wait patiently as the other day, just behind the little known, we have a short offshores CAMEO appearances by the hope to tease out more.

Pretty much, if something good happens, I’d feel more like you. But what I am still really nice because we have always been grateful. At the end of the day, 2x overhead waves on the safe and cleaned up really nice. Some empty waves coming through, but usually the only tree on the walls of the money down the line … what .. They are such good fun.

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