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G-Land March 30th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-Land Surf Created by the storm throughout the morning. My Thoughts East event this That Will Bunch ultimate green …. It was an extraordinarily fruitful. The condition of the waves in front of the UN difficult because you leave the nominal inspiration east and northwest winds.

Actually, it’s time to mobilize in a team at the head of the UN Esperant drop on a point checker situation and Tiger Tracks 20-20. 20-East and look like little chocolate dykes cleaned of the estuary. G-land Surf Forecast Tiger Tracks enough to get me one, and a number of other bubbles in the water, not just a session lasts too long a cause of the wave is increasing rapidly. But clouds and the sky was separated, the blue water is a very nice beach and hang himself Shorebreak In a small role.

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