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G-Land March 17th – 18th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf We are always grateful for the opportunity to camp to open blessed arrival. And we can only hope that you have the same feelings we do, nice to each other’s face again for those of you who are regular pilgrimages to share. In recent years we have out of season is shorter, giving you the chance to spend time in the woods, lush National Park Alas Purwo. Only officially closed for three months, the shortest off-season we’ve had, we now started the operation since March 1. Yes, it is still early, but the possibility of the G-Land together with the operation of the camp has come for those of you who want.

Until now, we took a room in the camp on opening day, and some are followed from. We looked at the weather maps for local and regional systems, and although no prediction of drought, it does not look as we begin a transition / models have shoulder season. More variable wind, blowing from the north a few days, what is lacking in intensity and the east wind began to appear in the estimates. In addition, the swell that produce Hurricane Center began to withdraw in the northwest Indian Ocean to the amount of the swell to reduce, and ultimately help line G-Land Surf Forecast.

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