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G-Land June 6th – 8th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Such as I started to out a report than yesterday, the story goes. The condition of late have been quite fun consistent feel to G-Land. Not swell up in size, but always something going on coral reefs with enough drive to easily pull it out and wind surfing doing fine at worst most of time the wind was better. But the flow of cold of water may already have begun.

G-land Surf Forecast Hopefully not because that is never a good thing. Last season there was a 3-month cold spell that started right around this time last year and it can be cold Frick. This is not cool now just a little cold. Was about 8-10 feet, but several sets of faces that will surely put up double-overhead. Some of the barrels of there, too. With strong winds and remain courteous of a good directioneither it is needed to help with the form. But a lot of very fast traveling wave rock. Moneytrees really puts you to the challenge, but if you are in the gas directly from the drop, then chances are your support. But actually Fan Palms and Kongs lower wear show for the crowd.

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