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G-Land June 4th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land was a little more energy, “this morning, has found that at 6 and felt a bit” set, so I went to Joyo some “of yoga with Kimbo, a little get ‘do warm up. Had breakfast and went straight from speedies as the tide was right, and I was foam for a good compromise. There were some big waves that pass away, but only a little ‘slow.

Got my best waves on trees, and stayed there for a little money now. There were some long trips on offer and a lot of taboos barrel. The current was strong with very high tide coming from the fence throughout the afternoon and we all had a great workout. After lunch, I was tired, but I had to leave the house for a delay on the ledge

The love is out there … Have fun, has paid off and everything came in time to enjoy watching the sunset Bintang. We had made ??our first patient in need of stitches in the hospital today and Puma take Kimbo a good job stitching up the knee to the reef. He snapped two boards and had bruises all over his body .. Shame to see someone with bad luck, when everyone else on the day of their drivel

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