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G-Land June 29th – 30th2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Season Conditions of calm from the beginning, with nine or more full Offshores blowing across the lagoon and the sea. Guests are taking off today to go for a paddle in the morning to make calls on how to best spend your last hours here. Smooth and aligned correctly at the time of dawn is not normal … but it has been recently. I’ve written a lot about this last three weeks or more.

G-land Surf Camp 8-12 foot faces and then beat pack for a long time, then beat again. The lulls lasted long enough to spare elsewhere on the reef for 40 minutes, the next pulse is a smart move. We have a little bit of everything working today. At Launch Pad all the way to the G-land Surf Forecast Kongs. Ledge rarely have a good dish installation, but there may be something like 3 standing on the slope properly. Palms fans have two beautiful wrist and has two large Moneytrees wrists too. Many barrels, but in my opinion … complicated barrel today. A person who ends up in my opinion, often for a barrel more easily negotiated. If you ask him, would say that is different from the pipe today.

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